Lindsey Hamilton - General Manager






Lindsey comes to us from… Vintage! Our amazing GM has been with us since pre-opening, finally quitting her full-time job in title work to pursue her passion for the restaurant industry here at Vintage. Lindsey is a born and bred New Market local and has worked in area restaurants in some capacity since she was fourteen.

Her extensive background in business marketing certainly doesn’t hurt, but it’s passion for great customer service and dedication to Vintage that make Lindsey the perfect leader for our enthusiastic and eager crew. If you’ve been here, you’ve seen her in action – trust us, she’s worn ALL the hats here!


                         Stephanie Wilson - Executive Chef






Chef Stephanie Wilson and her kitchen are Vintage's heart and soul. Growing up on her family farm in Washington County, Chef Stephanie was imbued with a deep connection to down home cooking by her mother and two grandmothers. With local, fresh ingredients as the foundation of all the deeply thoughtful cooking on her menu, she makes dining at Vintage feel like coming home.

A multiple-time Chef of the Year finalist from the Restaurant Association of Maryland, noted as one of Sass Magazine's Top Female Chefs, and recognized for Best Brunch in publications like The Washington Blade, Washington Post Express, and OpenTable, we think you'll appreciate the marriage of expertise, soul, and community she brings to the Vintage table.




Lissa Crane - Events Director


Once upon a time, Lissa left a cush gig in the corporate restaurant world to live a dream life in the South Pacific.  After a stint as a farmhand in Perth, where she did time as a tackling dummy for some unruly sheep that were really into Aussie-rules football (true story), we hear she lived a life of luxury.  Supposedly, there were cruise ships in Sydney Harbor, travel through the gorgeousness-that-is-New-Zealand, and long walks on the beaches of Bali.

Yeah....we have no idea why she came back, either ;) 

Lucky for us, she did, and we brought her up to Vintage to help make events of all shapes and sizes run smoothly and headache-free for brides-to-be, new and expecting mothers, local business owners, luncheon groups and anyone else looking to throw a memorable shindig here at Vintage!